Pre-Departure Thoughts

Welcome to my blog, detailing my experiences studying and interning in London!

This two-month endeavor is my first journey overseas and my first time visiting (and actually living in) a foreign country. Although¬†I’ve seen the United States from coast to coast, all of the knowledge I have about other countries has come vicariously through movies, the internet, or the gloriousness that is Google Earth. Now I have the chance to really immerse myself in a new environment and see life from the other side of the Atlantic.

I knew I wanted to study abroad when I first came to Purdue University. As a tiny freshman (okay, so I’m still the same height), panelists and academic advisors emphasized the importance of studying abroad. College offers myriad opportunities and I have this instinct to grab onto as many of those as I can.

So I started going to study abroad fairs and picking up pamphlets as I saw them. Over the course of my freshman and sophomore years, I considered a wide array of countries, which offered different programs. I have so many recreational and academic interests, namely neurobiology, psychology, reading/literature, and writing, and each program tailored to a different interest. These programs really varied from a child development psychology program in China to a literature-immersion program in France and Italy. After a lot of researching and pondering in the shower (the location where most of my life decisions are made), I submitted an application to join CAPA’s London Internship Program.

And tomorrow, I am hopping on a plane to travel from the blue dot on the left to the red dot on the right:


Currently, I’m feeling exactly like I did before I left for college: completely excited¬†and mildly nervous with a hinting suspicion that I drastically underpacked. Yes, UNDERpacked, like I won’t realize I forgot an umbrella until it’s downpouring and I’m standing in the middle of Hyde Park without a brolly (I’m already in love with British slang).

My biggest worries are finding my way through such a big city, fitting in with my new classmates and my placement, and living independently. I’m such a homebody, so being away from my family and just general familiarity might be hard at first. However, I’ve grown so much over the past two years by jumping out of my comfort zone. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I’m so thrilled to be interning at Reaktion Books and living in central London.

So all of my stuff has been shoved into a suitcase (brolly included) and now I’m slightly over 24 hours away from beginning my summer in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.



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