A Reaktion Reaction #2

At one moment as a freshman, I wondered if life at Purdue would ever start to seem…normal? I wondered if I could ever get used to life where my “routine” was so vastly different from the one I’d had for years.

Now, that newness vanished and I began to feel completely comfortable in my new Purdue home.

Having been here for four weeks (wow!), I’ve found my place and my routine in this once unfamiliar city and I feel comfortable. The first week, I had to adjust to many different small aspects of life like food, transportation to my internship, and laundry (the latter resulted in many blue-stained clothes, but that’s another story).

Even going to my internship became less of an endeavor and part of my everyday week. My latest task involved uploading new content to Reaktion’s website. Right now, I’ve been working with books that are slated for publication in Autumn/Winter of this year, so I had to put information about these new titles onto the main site. I had some freedom in choosing a short description to represent a featured book. Basically, I read the book’s overall description and chose the part that I thought captured it best. In a way, I was doing “behind the scenes” work for the website, which is kind of cool. All of my new content will go live probably pretty soon.

I’ve also been taking on smaller tasks like proofreading ISBN numbers, looking up BIC codes, and franking mail. (Note: I had no idea what “franking” meant. I’m not entirely sure I used it correctly in that last sentence.) Apparently, it’s a way to add postage to a package.

Speaking of strange words, in my communication class we were talking about language and the various words that exist in British English, but not American English. While I definitely won’t be coming home with a British accent, I want to officially adopt the British word “dodgy” into my vocabulary. Here are some definitions/uses courtesy of Google:

def1It makes so much sense because you would want to dodge something that seems sketchy. However, the odds of this catching on are about as likely as “fetch” was from Mean Girls. 


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