A Farewell to London

Two months and 1,100 pictures later, I left the beautiful city of London behind and arrived home in the States. I can honestly say that this summer has been the best summer I have ever had.

Even though I’ve missed miscellaneous things like Noodles and Company, Buzzfeed U.S., and Jif peanut butter over the course of the trip, I know I’m going to miss London so much, from the small things like tea and biscuits to the big things like being only twenty minutes away from famous icons like Big Ben or the British Museum or the Tower of London.

Back in May, I remember frantically squeezing in time to read my London guidebooks while trying to study for finals. Feeling not quite prepared, I planned on walking everywhere because the Tube intimidated me and spending lots of time reading in the parks because I didn’t know much about what the city offered. I also thought I might be spending a lot of time by myself because I didn’t know anyone who was going on the same trip as me. Now, I find my worries and preconceptions extremely amusing. Not only did I make friends with a hilarious and enthusiastic group of people, but I also mastered the Tube system to the point where I did pretty well on a Buzzfeed quiz. Among all of the exciting and breathtaking things I saw and did, I still found time to read in the park during my lunch breaks at Reaktion.

I enjoyed having the opportunity to experience the working world of a big city, live with other people in a Zone 1 flat, try foods from different cultures, learn about the history of London, and make so many memories that I’ll cherish forever.

As I was flying home, I was thinking about how sad I was to leave. However, I think the joy of even being there outweighed the sadness of leaving. I’ll be back one day, whether it’s next year or in twenty years, I know London will be waiting for me.




Until then, cheerio, London!

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